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Welcome to
"At Home Veterinary Euthanasia",

We provide a gentle, compassionate, stress-free, euthanasia service for companion animals in the Santa Clarita Valley, within the comfort of yours and their home.

When the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved family member, many owners face the dilemma of bringing their pet to the vet hospital or clinic to spend their last moments. Unfortunately, this environment can be unduly stressful for your pet, as well as for you. The environment of a busy veterinary hospital often means noisy, crowded, waiting rooms, ringing phones, harried staff members, as well as other animals- all of which often adds up to unnecessary additional stress for you and your pet, at a time when comfort, security, familiarity, and quiet are most important.

This is where "At Home Veterinary Euthanasia" comes in.We believe that saying goodbye to your beloved pet should be as peaceful an experience for both of you as possible, and that this is best accomplished in the familiar, and calm surroundings, that you and your pet call home.

Whether your wish to say goodbye simply, and quietly, or whether a more elaborate gathering surrounded by friends and family members, or special prayers, or rituals, is important to you and your pet, "At Home Veterinary Euthanasia" is there to help you and your pet in the most important, selfless, and caring step you will take on their behalf.

While nothing and no one can ease the pain of the loss of your beloved family member, our goal is to make the experience as stressless, and comfortable, as possible for you.

Please call us today for additional information, or browse through our website to learn more about our services.